Take my Lance, Please

So SIU assistant men's basketball coach Lance Irvin is rumored for the same job at DePaul, eh?

Go ahead and take him, see if I care.

Irvin was super-hyped after taking the spot left by Jack Owens who left to join the devil himself.

I'm just kidding, I'm sure Matty Painter is a nice guy but I just couldn't help but feel salty toward him after he left us dry with one season of work.

Or maybe I just like Bruce Weber more because he sounds like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.

Regardless, Irvin's been a bust in the short time he's been here. Actually he reminded me of Chicago Bulls long-time assistant Pete Myers in that he never really seemed to bring anything to the table in terms of coaching other than making the players feel better after getting yelled at by the top dog.

Really, it wasn't Irvin's basketball IQ or coaching ability that brought him to the Salukis. Rather, it was his ties to Mac Irvin's AAU team for obvious reasons.

But what has this pipeline delivered us? No "oil", that's for sure.

A quick read on this Chicago Sun-Times blogpost says that Irvin's "Fire" is loaded with talent but none of the names listed as seriously tied to SIU.

So...what are you bringing to the table then Lance?

Answer: not much, which is probably why he was at Southern Methodist a year ago. Not exactly a basketball powerhouse.

If the Salukis are trying to use the inside track on recruits via the AAU cherry picking they might as well hire Mike Mullins, father of former great Bryan Mullins. The elder coaches the Illinois Wolves and he has provided more of a pipeline than Irvin ever has.


Anonymous said...

Irvin has been key in bringing in a players who perform on and off the court. He is a good coach and a great around the players.