Five teams I strongly dislike

Facebook is all the rage these days with its friend requests, picture tagging and poking (also known as revealing your inner-most sexual desires with a click of the mouse). So when the social networking giant unleashed an application of top five most hated teams and I couldn't choose Duke, I had to go on The Big Dead Sidebar and tell the world.

So, here ... five teams I really don't like.
  1. Duke Men's Basketball. This is the most self-explanatory of the team's that I really, really dislike. I don't like Coach K because he looks like the devil with his pointy ears and evil snarl. I dislike the Cameron Crazies and their egotistical "we're better than you" chants. I hate how J.J. Redick turned from the greatest player in college basketball history to bum once North Carolina decided to put an athletic lanky black man on him. Don't even get me started on the concept of K-ville. Like Mike said: Good college basketball players go to Duke, NBA players go play at Carolina.
  2. Green Bay Packers. Once you get past Milwaukee, I'm not sure what good the state of Wisconsin is to me. Packer fans are weird. They wear cheese on their heads and worship players that clearly didn't even want to play for their beloved franchise. And, their gameday attire isn't team jerseys in jackets ... it's hunting gear. Really? That's not cool. That's lame!
  3. Bradley Men's Basketball. Of all the teams in the Missouri Valley Conference, Bradley irks me the most. Their fans are insufferable and annoying. Hint: One lucky Sweet 16 appearance doesn't make you basketball's Midwest Mecca. And don't even get me on Jim Les, his Blago-like hair or how he stamps his feet. I doubt this will reach the Peoria area ... and if it did ... Dodie Dunson can't read this blog.
  4. St. Louis Cardinals. I tried keeping them off the list because I think it's baseball's best rivalry because of the respect of the game (and the rivalry) that each team's have for one another. Then I remembered how Ballpark Village is a landfill. And how much of a light-weight drinker Tony LaRussa is. And that Chris Duncan is a daddy's boy. Lots to not like here.
  5. Oklahoma City Thunder. I liked the Seattle SuperSonics. Shawn Kemp was cool because he spawned a team of his own with all the women he slept with. I thought highly of Gary Payton, one of the game's greatest trash talkers. But they should have never should have allowed the team to tank so badly to the point where they moved the team. I don't wish this upon my most hated team, but I wish the Thunder would break every record for futility.


Anonymous said...

"But they should have never should have allowed the team to tank so badly to the point where they moved the team."...Did I pay for that education?

Anonymous said...

What no Creighton?