These ain't your daddy's Bulls

While watching the embarassment that was the Chicago Bulls' blowout loss to the Orlando Magic, I noticed a certain No. 54 on the low-block.

Back in the day, No. 54 meant a certain defensive prowess, a mid-range jump shot and rec-specs. His name, Horace Grant. And he won three NBA titles.

Last night, No. 54 didn't even have a name on the back of his jersey. So, only the die-hardest Bulls fan (or a guy like me who has too much time on his hands) knew that Linton Johnson was the mystery man suiting up for the Bulls off the bench last night.

But why no name on his jersey?

Sure, he just signed a 10-day contract, but he played for the Bulls before. But I'm not convinced they didn't have one of his jerseys from a few years ago hanging around somewhere in the Berto Center. However, I am now convinced that somewhere, some kid has an oversized game-worn Linton Johnson jersey.

As for the real Linton Johnson, he's stuck being the nameless wonder.