Chief Cassel could be Pioli's big prize

Arizona Cardinals v New England Patriots
It looks like fans of the NFL will get to see if the Patriot Way can survive a road trip out west.

The architect of the New England Patriots dyansty, Scott Pioli, took the GM job of the Kansas City Chiefs and has already made his move to put his own imprint on the franchise. He removed Herman Edwards and brought in Todd Haley, whose dynamic offense was a toe-tap from winning the Super Bowl.

It is not as if the Chiefs had no offensive firepower as Dwayne Bowe, Tony Gonzalez and Larry Johnson are all viable options at their respective positions. And even though Tyler Thigpen won landed me a third-place finish in one of my fantasy football leagues, Pioli was apparently none to impressed.

So he brought in bench-warmer-turned-savior Matt Cassel (and linebacker/tight end Mike Vrabel) in exchange for a second round pick.

That's right. Just a second round pick.

Former Chicago bantering fool Jay Mariotti is already calling shenanigans as the Pats probably could have gotten a lot more than just a second round pick.

What better way to thank Pioli, who tag-teamed with Belichick to mold three Super Bowl-champion teams, than by setting him up with a dramatic personnel boost in his first winter? Problem is, it smacks of an integrity issue when Belichick earmarks business with a pal and doesn't maximize his return in a big trade. You think other teams aren't irked today at The Gray Hoodie's unusual graciousness? Complicating the story was a Saturday night report on that the Denver Broncos had pursued a three-way trade that would have reunited Cassel with new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and sent Jay Cutler to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who would have compensated the Patriots. The talks fell through for whatever reason -- all of which is said to rightfully anger Cutler, an accomplished Pro Bowl quarterback who reportedly wants to be traded now -- and it prompts more questions about the Belichick-Pioli perfecta winning out.

OMG could Jay the Joke actually make sense? I'm saying no only because I'm not sure what would happen if I were to actually agree 100% with a Mariotti idea.


Back to the point of this whole blog.

Football fans will soon find out of the Patriot Way is more than a bunch of smoke, mirrors and video cameras. If Pioli can revive Chiefs with a Cardinals-like offense led by the most sought after back-up QB since Elvis Grbac without creepin' on the sidelines with some Cheaters-type spycam, then he'll probably deserve more than a plaque in the GM Hall of Fame.

Maybe a video tribute would be most fitting for Pioli and the Patriot Way.