Signs the Chicago Bears aren't going to be good in 2009

HEADLINE: Backup battle brewing for Chicago Bears quarterback.

Remember, kids. If you have three capable quarterbacks, it really means that you have none. And that's where the Bears are right now. No quarterbacks.

Kyle Orton isn't terrible, but he's average at best. In fact, on average days, he's below average. I doubt that makes sense, but believing Orton is the quarterback of the present or future doesn't make sense either.

As for Orton's back-ups, well, they make Orton look like Peyton Manning.

Bears fans thought Caleb Hanie, who is entering his second year out of Colorado State, was the second coming. When Orton was hurt and Rex Grossman was bad, fans yearned for Hanie to get the nod. I won't even waste my breath on the kid. I feel as if he will go the way of Steve Stenstrom, Moses Moreno, Henry Burris, Ken Mastrole and the rest of suck known as ex-Bears quarterbacks.

As for Brett Basanez, well, he's a Northwestern guy. Quick: last really good QB the Wildcats developed. Otto Graham? Northwestern develops really smart people, not superstar athletes. Next.

Any word on Jay Cutler? No. But why would there be? He's too talented for the Bears' simple-minded offense.