Inside The Valley: Is Osiris trying to be like Mike?

Illinois State guard Osiris Eldridge is (apparently) emulating Michael Jordan

I'm an 80s baby, but a 90s kid. So when I saw Illinois State junior guard Osiris Eldridge take the court with a pair of retro Air Jordans on, I kind of smiled to myself.

And shared with the lovely Megan Kramper, of course. But she'll get a separate blog shout out another day. More on overpriced basketball shoes!

See, as a kid, there were a few things I saved money to buy. Those things were media guides and Air Jordans. Come to think of it, I guess it makes sense why I am where I am, today.

My first big purchase: a pair of white-on-white Air Jordans with the white patent leather and Carolina blue trim.

Other big purchases included scorecards, pencils and media guides.

I'm a nerd. Deal with it.

If I were Osiris, I would bring out the black and red version of those shoes he had on tonight. They go well with the red jerseys. At least that's what I remember from the Bulls' hey-day.