Remembering the days where the "Lowery to (BCS School)?" threads struck fear in Saluki Nation

As I attempt to hunt down the kind of JUCO players Southern Illinois head coach Chris Lowery wants to fill out his roster with, I found this instead from the New York Times:

[H]ere comes Southern Illinois. If this team finds a way to beat Kansas in the Round of 16 get ready for ad nauseum talk about the Salukis rough-and-tumble practices.

The S.I.U. players compare cuts after their workouts and stitches often follow. There is no out of bounds and no fouls are called. There is clutching and hacking and pushing. The defense in practice, insist the Salukis, is tougher than what they see in games.

Nowadays, fans think his practices are too rough and are one of the main reasons a number of players have taken their ball and played elsewhere. Personally, I like the practices because they're fun to watch. That's easy for a guy on the sideline to say, I guess.

Southern Illinois Coach Chris Lowery is already one of the next hot mid-major coaches.

Now, no one wants him ... not even certain segments of Saluki Nation.

Rome wasn't built in a day, and neither was "Floorburn U."