WBC: Thank God It's Finally Over!

With a 5-3 victory Monday night over Korea, Japan closed out its second straight World Baseball Classic championship in as many years.

And much like soccer in the USA, nobody cares.

Sure the other countries involved are going crazy for it but quite frankly they don't get to see the high-quality, all-star caliber baseball we see everyday during the MLB regular season.

This isn't to say there isn't some pride involved as well but I can't think of any other reason the Americans would get into it other than pride.

I have pride in my country and I got behind Team USA during the basketball portion of the Olympics so why don't I care about the WBC?

First of all I think it's a dangerous idea to begin with due to the possibility of injuries, specifically to pitchers.

It isn't like basketball where a guy like LeBron James could wake up an hour before a game and play 30-40 minutes without getting hurt. Pitchers only have so many "bullets" in their arms so why waste them on a meaningless tournament?

Most players, the stars anyway, are steering clear of the thing all together. At least the American stars are anyway.

Derrek Lee sounded agitated by the MLB office's request to have him fill in for the injured Kevin Youkilis.

I don't blame him, either.

And then you got that bozo Phil Rogers talking with Bud Selig about it.

Sorry guys, I'm the biggest baseball fan you'll meet, but in March, it's all about college basketball.