Bye-bye Brenly?

I guess this is what I get for enjoying the managerial foibles of the Milwaukee Brewers.

One of their top candidates to replace Dale Sveum is none other than the best color analyst in baseball, the Chicago Cubs' own Bob Brenly.

Personally, if I was BB, I wouldn't touch that job with a 10-foot pole even though it provides a classic good news/bad news scenario.

Bad news first: No CC. No Sheets. No closer. No Prince? Rickie Weeks, yes. Bill Hall, yes. Eric Gagne, yes.

Good news: No chance for a classic Brew Crew collapse.

Losing BB would be a sad day for those of us who enjoy the snarky/analytical remarks of Brenly, who like his predecessor Steve Stone (who wasn't as much of a pompous douche as he is now) was willing to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the state of the Cubs.

Ask Alfonso Soriano. Remember this?

"You can throw a dart at the visitors dugout and find a better defensive outfielder than Alfonso Soriano."

I do.

But the more pressing issue here isn't finding a better defensive outfielder than Fonzie or finding a better gig for BB. It's finding a replacement once BB leaves. You know he's been itching for a managerial gig. I know he's been itching for a managerial gig. Let the man move on and then we can move on with our lives.

At least we'll have Len.

So let's run down the candidates?

1. Mark Grace
  • Pros: He's got ties to the franchise and he's been great in Arizona and on FOX.
  • Cons: He'd take the quality tail away from me in Wrigleyville.
2. Rick Sutcliffe
  • Pros: He's got an awesome beard and can provide a great point of view from a pitchers standpoint.
  • Cons: He scares away the love of my life, Erin Andrews.
3. Eric Karros
  • Pros: He was likable when he was on the '03 Cubs and does a kick-ass job on FOX.
  • Cons: He's a true Dodger and that would just remind me of the suck job the Cubs did against Los Angeles' original team.
4. Gary Matthews, Sr.
  • Pros: He was a fan favorite and currently works with one of baseball's best minds, Philadelphia's Harry Kalas.
  • Cons: He worked under Dusty Baker, so that means he knows nothing about baseball.
5. Luis C. Medina
  • Pros: He's a baseball purist. He's young, full of insight and would be willing to work for cheap.
  • Cons: Is still in college, currently working as the Assistant Sports Editor at the Daily Egyptian and is the Godchild of Sports Blogging. He won't be available until May, 2009.
6. Brian Feldt
  • Pros: He's forgotten more baseball than Dusty Baker knows.
  • Cons: He's a Cardinals fan and has yet to blog for TBDS.
7. Stile Smith
  • Pros: Would fit under the minority hiring act for hiring someone who has a learning disability.
  • Cons: Also is a Cardinals fan, which was a result of his learning disability.