TBDS Takes To The Road

Two members of The Big Dead Sidebar are hitting the road to Youngstown, Ohio to cover the SIU-Youngstown State football game.

Too bad we can't take Stacy Keibler with us because if we could we would.

Maybe we'll find our own Ms. Hancock on our 9+ hour journey.

On with the recap of the best week ever.

Matt Stairs hit an important homer to help put the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series. I couldn't help that he was once a Chicago Cub. He wasn't a good one, but he replaced one of Chi-town's best - Amazing Grace.

[Just Wondering]

Some love for the Tampa Bay Rays. I was willing to hand them the "D" word. Then last night happened. It's OK though, at least they got farther than the Chicago Cubs.

[Rays of Power]

FEMA has visited Las Vegas in preparation of the return of Hurricane PacMan.

[PacMan Jones is going on vacation]

You can add the Boston Red Sox to the list.

[The Boston Red Sox don't care about black people]

Jeff, the TBDS hoops expert, provides his first NBA Preview.

[Midwest Money]