Are you ready for NLCS Game 1?

In a word: No.

I should be preparing for the Cubs third LCS appearance in franchise history. Instead, I'm checking out the rumor mill on a daily basis in hopes that the offseason gets here already.

Apparently Carlos Beltran is on the block. That's nice, seeing that the Cubs' best center field prospect is a platoon between Jim Edmonds and Reed Johnson.

If I were Jim Hendry I would put down the box of donuts, hook myself up to an EKG machine and send every Latin American prospect in the organization in exchange for Beltran.

Not now, but right now!

Just do it Jim.

100 years...and counting.

P.S. Good luck to the Tampa Bay Rays, who I have adopted as my new favorite team for the rest of the playoff season.

P.P.S. Prepare for tomorrow's blackout...details at 11:30 a.m., tomorrow!