TBDS Presents: The Week In Review

Two good reasons why Scarlett Johansson is going to take you into the weekend: she's beautiful and she's classy. Oh and she's natural. That makes three reasons.

Well I had a good week after recovering from being on my death bed.
Anyway, I promised a good week here at The Big Dead Sidebar and I delivered, didn't I?

It was a good week for us at TBDS and it will be capped by a trip to Springfield, Mo., for the SIU football team's matchup against Missouri State.

The Bears are the Salukis' second straight road opponent and after beating Youngstown State 33-0 in Jerry Angelo's back yard, SIU fans are expecting another road-trip winner.

I'd go deeper into this, but you'll get more once I do the next version of the TBDS video blog.

'Til then, here's this week's best of.