Are the Rays ready to go all the way?

A franchise that was the laughing stock of baseball just one season ago could be getting the last laugh with a victory tonight in Game 5 of the ALCS.

Standing between the Boston Red Sox and their chance to send the series back to Tropicana Field is one Scott Kazmir, whose flame-throwing left arm is 4-4 with a 3.02 ERA at Fenway Park with 68 strikeouts in 62.2 innings at the venerable Boston ballpark.

(On a somewhat related note: standing between a New York Mets fan and suicide watch is the picture in this post. I digress.)

The Rays are hot and have been the talk of the baseball world of late. ESPN is catching on, and it almost seems as if (for once) they will be ready to relinquish Sawks/Yanks talk if only for one night because of the Rays' surge.

But don't count out the Red Sox just yet. We've seen this song and dance before and to be honest, it's getting kind of old.

"Oh, let's dig ourselves a deep hole and then slowly climb our way out of it and gain the love and recognition for being a bunch of gritty grinders."

Bleh. Screw that.

Dear Scott: Finish them.

I promise a better blogging day tomorrow.

Until then...

Good night from Carbondale.