Daily Dosage: The Nooner

Good afternoon ladies and gents and welcome to the noon version of the Daily Dosage.

Today's eye candy is the beautiful Reese Witherspoon, per request of Brian Feldt (who has yet to contribute to the TBDS family). C'mon Brian, step your game up!

More on Reese: Some like her more as a brunette. Some people like her as a blonde. I'd like her in my bed.

P.S. I don't care that she has kids, I can be a good dad at 22. Well at least better than the deadbeats on Maury.

On with today's Dosage.

How SIU can separate itself from the rest of the Valley. "After scoring 61 points in its previous three games, the SIU football team's 60-point effort against Indiana State showed what it could do while banging on all cylinders. ... If the Salukis can continue their strong play in each of the three phases of football, they could separate themselves from the other three teams that share first place in the Missouri Valley Football Conference."

I'm lazy and have homework to do.

[Daily Egyptian]

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