The stupidest statement ever

As a writer I pride myself on being able to convey ideas through written language.

For the following blog however, there are no words.

Two radio hosts, lets call them Chris Baker and Langdon Perry and lets say they work at KTLK in Minneapolis, said the most outlandish statement in the history of sports.

Yes, even more outlandish than Jay Bilas' famous Tyler Hansbrough can out-compete Michael Jordan comment.

Baker and Langdon said...brace yourself...Magic Johnson is faking his AIDS.

I didn't actually listen to this broadcast, but I can't fathom how two people can get to that point in a conversation. What could possibly be the thought process?

'Hey, who has a terrible disease but seems pretty healthy? Magic Johnson does, maybe too healthy in fact, I bet he is faking it, lets tell everyone that.

At least Magic isn't taking this lightly. According to this story, Johnson issued a statement that pretty much educated these two radio talk show hosts that AIDS kills millions of people and actually is not all that funny.

Who would have thought?

I don't think these two should be sued or fired or even have to apologize. I think they should play a high stakes game of one-on-one with the Magic Man.

If they beat him, well then they get off the hook, but if they lose then they have to pay full tuition to go to Harvard graduate school where they must be accepted. Then they must write a 300+ page dissertation on HIV/AIDS after going through the complete doctoral program.

I figure that doctoral program would take more than four years and by the time they are out, they will owe hundreds of thousands of dollars in loans and be a tad more educated on a serious disease.

I got your back Magic, and so do the Red Hot Chili Peppers

Now that those slanderous issues are out of the way, it's time to examine once again why the Chicago Bulls should have taken Michael Beasley over Derrick Rose.

The Miami Heat took on the New Jersey Nets and lost 109-105, but the Beez put down 21 points and grabbed seven rebounds. He showed his range as he hit a few mid-range jumpers over the fingers of defenders. He didn't have the best game, but still produced, which is the mark of a great player in the making.

Derrick Rose put up in 10 points in 27 minutes of action against the Dallas Mavericks. Of course it's too early to tell how Rose will turn out, but the fact he had five turnovers is worrisome. Rose can finish at the rim, which is what the Bulls need for sure, but he can't shoot well and if he struggles passing, then it could be a long year for this team.

Either way, I think Beasley is going to prove himself as the best player in the '08 draft