TBDS Late Night: Pitching Coach Edition

Much has been made of President Barack Obama's first pitch at Tuesday night's MLB All-Star game.  And while you might boo his political stances or his affiliation to Chicago (especially the White Sox -- yuck) I booed his flawed mechanics.

Watching Obama throw that first pitch made me think that Kerry Wood's mechanics were the stuff of Gods.  Instead, Obama, who probably has more pressing issues outside of the sports world, needs some help from a pitching coach.

And while I am not a pitching instructor, I am willing to play one on this blog.  Here is my three-pronged analysis.
  • His arm slot was high, almost too high.  However, if his front side doesn't fly open early, he could have the kind of mechanics that could produce a 12-to-6 curveball.
  • He actually stood on the mound.  He should have planted right inside the rubber and probably found a side of the mound he was comfortable on.
  • He had no grip on the ball.  That's probably why it dipped so soon, Albert Pujols had to take a few steps and scoop before it touched the ground.
Since today is arguably the most boring day in all of sports, I would suggest that you do whatever your wife, girlfriend or significant other wants to do.  So when she flips out on you for not throwing out the trash, doing the dishes or giving  her a massage, you can ignore her because you obliged once.

Then you can go out and watch the rest of the baseball season without an interruption.

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