Power Rankings: Your Team Sucks

Every week I do Power Rankings because I feel obliged to take a weekly cheap shot at Phil Rogers, who couldn't write his way out of a paper bag.

1. Videos. Apparently, one Erin Andrews video and not one, but two Pacman Jones videos are good enough to jump all the way to the top of this week's power rankings.

2. Erin Andrews. Video or not, The Sideline Princess was absolutely stunning in that dress. And no, I'm not gonna joke about how she looks out of the dress either ... though I might as well go down that road since I'm already in that lane. Forget I even mentioned it.

3. Lefty Relievers. Who would be a better fit in Lou Piniella's bullpen: B.J. Ryan or Barack Obama?

4. Hockey In July. Hartwig hits this post out of the park. He was later tested for steroids.

5. Twitter. This thing just rocks. It might go away one day, but let's ride it out.

6. Washington Nationals. They've got to make the Top 10 in something positive, right?

7. Quoting Jay Mariotti. It's rare when I agree with the joke of a columnist that is Jay Mariotti, but this lead hits it right on the head.

8. Road Beef. Apparently, the Steve McNair situation didn't teach a married baseball-playing father a lesson. Beware of Road Beef. Warning, it might be spoiled.

9. Jessica Simpson. You're single. I'm single. Let's work something out.

10. Your Love. Neither Gordon Beckham nor Joey Metropoulos want to lose it tonight. The newest music-sports phenomena.