Blackhawks Are Not Perfect; Hossa Needs Surgery

NHL: MAY 30 Stanley Cup Finals - Penguins at Red Wings - Game 1

Well, how about this for a 360-degree turn? The Chicago baseball teams are riding high the last couple of days including a perfect game today by Mark Buehrle. Yet the Chicago Blackhawks are a mess right now after announcing today that Marian Hossa will undergo shoulder surgery.

This will not overshadow the perfect game by any means, but the way the baseball teams were playing, I could not have foreseen a day this summer where the conference final hockey team brings bad news and the White Sox bring the good news.

Hossa will miss at least the first two months of this coming season. He plays right wing, which is a pretty key position for the offense. Martin Havlat (guess what position he plays..yes, RW) is gone after the team did not re-sign him. That was okay because Hossa was there to replace him. Well, time for a new plan.

We will see Hossa at some point this season, and in a 12-year contract, there will be plenty of Hossa sightings down the line. Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews and company will still make a pretty good offense.

Yet Hossa's shoulder will always be in the back of people's minds, and this is not the way the big free-agent deal was supposed to start.