Memo To Bud Selig: Major League Baseball Needs A Fashion Expert

Brewers vs. Cubs
Cubbie blue shirts with bright red hats? Who approved this fashion fauxpas.

Baseball, apple pie, rock & roll, Chevrolet ... I love America. Heck, yours truly even made a patriotic playlist for those of you who happened to be glued to your computers for whatever reason. I support everything that is Americana, but I do have an issue with Major League Baseball's efforts this year on the fashion front.

Last season, the folks at MLB proved each of the 30 teams with a navy blue ball cap for teams to wear over the 4th of July weekend, with logos donning the stars and stripes. But this year, each of the 30 teams donned a bright red cap in honor of Independence Day.

It worked for a few teams, as the Reds, Phillies, Cardinals, Nationals were among those where the red cap did not look atrocious. As for the Cubs, White Sox Rockies and others, it was an eye sore. If you checked out the A's, it looked like Christmas.

And even though former Limp Bizkit front-man Fred Durst pulled it off for a long time, red Yankees baseball caps just didn't look good.

Still, despite baseball getting its fashion cues from the stylistically inept Bud Selig, I'll still go out and buy the red Cubs cap and chant "U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!" as I do so.