Power Rankings: No Performance Enhancing Drugs Necessary

Every week, I'll do Power Rankings until Phil Rogers announces via Twitter his gi-normous crush on MLB commish Bud Selig.

1. Celebrity Deaths. If this would have happened during the football season, I would have expected the headline "McNair murdered; expected to start Sunday." With all the bad guys out there in sports, it makes it sad when the good guys die young. 36. R.I.P. Air McNair.

2. Screen Grabs. My newest obsession. Before you judge, it's healthier than booze and it won't slap me with a restraining order.

3. The Rumor Mill. Iverson to the Bulls? 'Sheed to the Celtics? Hedo to the Blazers ... or Raptors? Imagine how wild the 2010 offseason is going to be.

4. Hockey News In July. Welcome to Chicago, Marian Hossa!

5. Birthday gifts. Thanks Jeff and to everyone else who participated in the b-day blowout.

6. Twitter. It's still alive and kicking.

7. Aramis Ramirez. Thoust savior ist amongst us.

8. "No homo." What's more disturbing: Artest & Kobe in the shower or the Phillies interest with Wang?

9. The Eephus Pitch. The Cubs signed Casey Fossum, who would have been a nice piece of trade bait in 2003 or so. The Red Sox once sent him and Brandon Lyon for Curt Schilling.

10. Moneyball. Make this movie pleeeeeaaaaase!!!!!!!