QOTD: Who's The Hall Of Famer That Was On Roids

Jose Canseco has been (arguably) the most reliable source in the Steroid Era. He's the bad guy you kind of root for but wouldn't mind if he got knocked off because he's like the neighborhood snitch.

Except, when it comes to the Hall Of Famer the he alleges was roided up, via ESPN:

"When you tell me something I didn't already know, I'll be surprised. And I'll tell you this, Major League Baseball is going to have a big, big problem on their hands when they find out they have a Hall of Famer who's used."

So, who was it? It's not like Canseco has taken us down the wrong path before. Could it have been former teammates like Rickey Henderson (who played 'til he was beyond ancient) Dennis Eckersley (a pitcher who racked up a ton of innings when he was with Oakland), Wade Boggs (who was Canseco's teammate in his twilight years with Tampa Bay) or someone else.

How demoralizing would it be if Cal Ripken Jr.'s Iron Man streak was tainted? Or if Tony Gwynn's 3,141 hits and .338 career batting average didn't come naturally. What if it was one of the Midwest's most beloved baseball icons such as Ozzie Smith or Ryne Sandberg?

All of the above should be considered pure speculation. But in a crazy world like this, anyone who is suspect should be considered a suspect.