Ryan Braun Can See Who's Creepin' On Him Through The Rearview

Brewers vs. Cubs
Just like yours truly, Brewers starter Jeff Suppan wasn't scoring this weekend, either.

I got a few chuckles about this blog I wrote about the Cubs after winning the first of a four-game set against then-division leading Milwaukee Brewers.

The dust has cleared and the Cubs have snuck within 2.5 games of the first-place St. Louis Cardinals with six games left in the first half, including a three-game series against the Cards starting Friday.

But before we get there, the Cubs have three games against the Atlanta Braves, who the Cubs have dropped two-of-three against despite stellar starting efforts from Randy Wells and Ryan Dempster, both ended up on the short end of the stick against Los Bravos.

And before I put this last series away, Brewers All-Star slugging outfielder Ryan Braun, who went 3-for-14 in the Crew's three losses, confirmed the Cubs' quickly approaching in the rearview mirror of the NL Central contenders.

Via the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

"Braun said the Cubs' starting pitchers are 'a lot better than ours.' 'They threw the ball a lot better than our starters did,' said Braun. 'They certainly swung the bats better than we did as well. Clearly, they were the better team. It was nice to at least get one win but they clearly outplayed us and outperformed us during the series.'"

Outplayed and outperformed, two words that haven't been associated with Chicago Cubs baseball this year. Unless, of course, when the other teams are outplaying and outperforming the Cubs.

It's a shot in the dark, but it is possible for the Cubs to be in first place at the All-Star break if they get a few breaks as the first half winds down.

Of course, now that I've written that, iIve ensured that they will lose at least five of their next six.