TBDS Late Night: It's Friday. Get The F*** Out While It's Still Nice Outside

Often times, SIU men's basketball coach Chris Lowery and I see eye-to-eye. We both love Saluki hoops. We both are world travelers. We both love Harold's Chicken in Chicago. And now, we both love paycheck Friday.

Tonight, TBDS Late Night will be short-lived so you can get your butt outside. Yours truly has some packing to do, but might push that aside to take in what will surely be a beautiful night in Southern Illinois.

Instead of leaving you with a boatload of links, I'll leave you with one link for today's awesome playlist via my LCM's Daily Playlist blog and a classic summer jam.

Get outside. Make a friend. Have a few drinks. Dance a little bit. And go home and make some questionable decisions, dadgumit. Go get your "Becky On" ... It's Friday!