Stay Classy, Philadelphia

Finally, I was able to get some video proof of the happenings between the Cardinals and Phillies on Saturday. Picked up the video of a disappointed Dick Stockton and Tim McCarver via The Big Lead's Yardwork. No truth to the rumor that Carlos Zambrano, Albert Pujols or Ozzie Guillen is in charge of the baseball rundown segment.

A laser pointer ... really? I expect more from a fan base that boos Santa Claus and makes it rain with D-batteries.

On a serious note, that had to be distracting. I read some Cardinals message boards of the weekend (which I refuse to link because of their ineptitude) and once I got through the rubbish, the general consensus was that it was messed up. And for once, we agree. There is so much drama in the L.B.C. U.S.A. and with the fear of terrorism always looming (not so much now compared to when G-Dubya was running things) the last thing I need at the ballpark is a sniper ... let alone some idiot with a laser pointer acting like a sniper.

They never did catch the guy (or girl) responsible for this, and they probably went home scot-free and were the toast of the town among their close friends, relatives and those of the ilk. But I'll guarantee you one thing, he (or she) didn't get laid that night.

Honestly, no one who carries a laser pointer is getting laid.


Unknown said...

I definitely agree with the last statement. And as bright and the size of the life, any video analysis expert, or criminal for that matter, could determine where it came from and how close it was. And I would not be surprised it they do catch them. Remember the Duke student throwing incident at the basketball game? They caught him. And with the influx of cell phone cameras, not to mention youtube uploads, someone will post the video of him doing it and its all downhill for him.