Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!

MLB: MAY 29 Cardinals at Giants

The day Cardinal Nation never thought would come has finally arrived; Chris Duncan is no longer a member of the St. Louis organization

Duncan, who is hitting a measly .227 on the season with five home runs and 32 rbis, has been the ire of Cardinal fans for the last three seasons.

The Cardinals traded Duncan, along with a player to be named later, to Boston for Julio Lugo and cash considerations, aka all of Lugo's contract.

I would have given up Duncan for a bag of baseballs, so this is fantastic news that we actually got something for him.

The only reason Duncan lasted as long as he did in the Bigs was because his pops, Cardinals pitching coach Dave Duncan, is with the organization. If he had any other last name, he would be playing independent baseball somewhere by now.

But the man who couldn't hit his way out of a wet paper bag, and who's defense in left field makes his hitting look good, is finally gone from where he never belonged, St. Louis.

It's just ridiculous that having your father as a member of the organization can get you as far as it did Chris Duncan. This man was NOT a good baseball player, yet he somehow managed to play at the Major League level for four seasons.

Reports have said that Duncan will head to Boston Triple-A affiliate Pawtuckett, but if they're smart he will never play in historic Fenway Park.

Lugo will provide a solid glove as a utility infielder and a decent bat against left handed pitching. Hopefully, his arrival in St. Louis will mean the end of Joe Thurston's time with the Birds.

It also doesn't hurt that the Cardinals won't be paying a dime of his enormous salary.