The Chicago Blackhawks treat front office execs like tenured university officials

As we all know by now Chicago Blackhawks general manager is out of a job for a variety of reasons.

Initially, I was shocked to hear this considering the team was relevant for the first time in over 10 years.

But when you make an ooops that costs the team big bucks (specifically in cap space), heads will roll.

When you are part of an old regime tied to losing and piss-poor managerial skills, heads will roll.

In this case, GM Dale Tallon's head rolled out the door the day he Plaxico'd qualifying offers to rookie Kris Versteeg, among others. It cost the team millions and they were lucky to keep Versteeg at all, as he could have became a free-agent.

So what does the "savior" do? Rocky Wirtz just "reassigns" him.

Much like Joel Quenneville's predecessor Denis Savard, Tallon will still have a job within the organization despite being fired.

Reminds me of the alma mater.

Chancellor makes 100-plus thousand-a-year and does a crap job? Just make him a teacher and keep him paid the same.

Great plan.

If you're going to fire people, actually fire them. Reassigned is such a college term.

Well... I guess if Cristobal Huet is as bad of a goalie as it seems, the Blackhawks could reassign him to popcorn salesman detail.