Power Rankings: 10 Week Anniversary

Every week I do Power Rankings because I feel obliged to take a weekly cheap shot at Phil Rogers, who couldn't write his way out of a paper bag. This week, I'll take a jab at Gorden Wittenmeyer, who I assume cuddles with Rogers before he writes his stories.

1. Perfection. White Sox fans have Mark Buehrle, Cubs fans have Bud Light Fan Cam at Wrigley Field.

2. First Place. .5 is a number Tony LaRussa is very familiar with. He better get used to it, the Cubs are in the cat-bird's seat. Whatever that means.

3. Hollidays and Halladays. One has found a new home, the other will to ... if not ... he'll enjoy that wonderful Canadian health care.

4. Twitter. You can follow us @bigdeadsidebar.

5. Walking Wounded. Ted Lilly is joined on the Chicago DL by Marian Hossa -- who hasn't even put on a Blackhawks jersey.

6. Coming Clean. Jim Parque said he was sorry that he cheated, even though when he was doing what he was doing it wasn't illegal.

7. TBDS Late Night First Timers. Johnny Sole did a great job, didn't he?

8. Videos. More specifically, videos that don't feature Erin Andrews.

9. Teases. Carlos Boozer is toying with the hearts of Bulls fans.

10. Pleases. Begging for Roy Halladay. Pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase!