Moneyball Movie Gets The Green Light!

That shriek of joy you heard last night was my reaction to the news that the Moneyball Movie is back on. To quote White Sox announcer Hawk Harrelson, "Yessssssss! Hell yes!"

Long story short:
  • Soderberg is out
  • Pitt is still in
  • So is Sony
  • and Aaron Sorkin (of The West Wing and Sports Night fame) is re-writing the rest of the script
If you haven't gotten a chance to read the original script, you are doing yourself a disservice. Never has a movie script aroused me in a way that made me question whether or not I could carry on an honest-to-God relationship with a woman not hiding behind a computer screen. Because, according to Joe Morgan, evil computers run everything nowadays. Baseball. Dating. The free world. All of it.

OK, no more jokes. Moneyball is in for the win.

Now that's what I call a very happy motherf*cking Friday!

Moneyball Back On, Without Soderberg [Cinema Blend via @MoneyballMovie]