Marian Hossa To The Blackhawks. Thanks For The B-Day Gift Mr. McDonough!

Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Four
Marian Hossa is a Chicago Blackhawk!

When I was a kid, I used to celebrate many birthdays at Wrigley Field watching the Cubs. In addition to being the die-hard Cubs fan that I am, I always enjoyed the giveaways. Cubs promotions were always top-notch thanks to a gentleman named John McDonough.

Johnny Mac now works for the Chicago Blackhawks hockey organ-I-zation. And his latest gift for me and the rest of the Blackhawks hockey fans?

Marian Hossa.

One of our hockey guys will have more on this later. As for yours truly, it's all about celebrations!

Blackhawks Sign Marian Hossa, Some Other Former Wings Guy [Chicago Tribune]