Thanks To Coaches And Student Athletes

I'm sure you're tired of these by now, So I'll try to go through them quickly.

  • Thanks to Chris Lowery for accepting my phone calls and giving me interview time whether it was for a story, background or a class project.
  • Additional thanks goes to the coaching staff (especially Rodney Watson for directing me to good stories, Lance Irvin for helping me with my final paper for Paul Povse's class and Tony Young for his coaching and playing career)
  • Thanks to Dale Lennon for dealing with my silly questions about Tropic Thunder.
  • Additional thanks to Bubba Schweigert and Phil Longo (who still owes me an Italian dinner ... inside joke)
  • Thanks to Kevin Dillard, Anthony Booker, Torres Roundtree, Brandin Jordan, Chauncey Mixon, Nick Evans for doing the Barack Obama YouTube special videos.
  • Additional thanks to Book for the tip to go to Imo's Pizza.
  • Thanks to Coach K (yes, Duke's Coach K) for saying that I asked a good question. That alone should get me a job, even in this market.
  • Special thanks to Rick Walker, SIU swimming and diving head coach. Even though swimming doesn't get as much attention as basketball and football do, Coach Rick really treated me well by giving me interview time and explained so much to me. And as much as I enjoyed all my other beats, I stand by saying that Saluki Swim & Dive was my favorite of them all.