Leads That Make You Go Hmmmmmm

One of the forgotten aspects of this blog has been its penchant for quality sports writing. Sometimes, I think that gets lost while balancing school, work, schoolwork and that thing called real life.

Anyway, while being inundated by Web link after Web link insisting Jake Peavy would be joining a Chicago baseball team eventually, I tripped across a piece of journalistic nose gold that dripped from the pen and onto the keyboard of Chicago Tribune scribe Phil Rogers.


That's what some New York Yankees players are calling the good times they've had during their winning streak, which ended at nine games Friday night.

And in a matter of two months, Dirty 30 has soiled the entire Yankees organization.

He's the only player in Major League history to raise his batting average to 1.000 without lifting the bat off his shoulder.

It won't be long until another college hottie is lapping it up after getting some "Swisher Sweetness."

I think it's time for me to place another order of "Dirty 30 Juice" because my supply is on low and I'm in a massive slump.

Nick Swisher, Joe Girardi inspire New York Yankees [Chicago Tribune]