I Don't Care How Many Stanley Cups They've Won ... Detroit Sucks (And Other Witty Things To Say Tonight)

If you're lucky enough to be going to the BlackWings-RedHawks game tonight, then you, my friend, will be lucky enough to take part in one of the greatest traditions in Chicago sports.

Chanting "Detroit sucks!" over and over again.

But the fact that Detroit sucks is as fresh as yesterday's coffee. So it's time to update the age-old chant. Here are some ideas.

  • "Make better cars! Make better cars!"
  • "Jim Leyland's old! Jim Leyland's old!"
  • "Eminem's new album is disappointing!"
  • "Your football team is the Lions! Your football team is the Lions!"
Remember Chicago sports fans, no matter the outcome of this series ... at least you don't have to live in Detroit.