Swine Flu? Nah. Kevin Gregg Is The One Making Me Sick.

Chicago Cubs closer Kevin Gregg has one simple job: Get. Three. Outs. And thus far during his rough-and-tumble tenure on the North Side, he has not been able to do so without a flair for the dramatic.

Today, Gregg was unable to get an out as he allowed four runs (with a little thanks to Aaron Heilman) before the Cubs played small ball in the bottom of the ninth to pick up the win and send the Wrigleyville faithful into a singing frenzy as they hit the town on a Saturday night.

For some Cubs fans, my message to you is simple: It's time to get over Kerry Wood. As much as I love Woody, he's like the girlfriend who stuck out with you during hard times before you broke up on good terms. You still care about her, and heck, still want her back with you. But it's not going to happen.

Instead, we're stuck with Kevin Gregg ... the girl that none of us wanted in the first place.


Stilley said...

Dude, you forgot to call "no homo" when you said you love Woody.