I'm Getting a Headache...

...from the likes of Brett Favre and Manny Ramirez.

It wasn't that long ago when fellow contributor Matt Hartwig told me that Favre and Ramirez were related because of the stunts they pulled in their respective sports. That couldn't be truer these last couple of days. Favre's on-again and off-again shtick continues to make everyone mad because of his indecisiveness. And of course the big news today is Manny Ramirez being suspended because of a steroid-like substance. Favre then countered Ramirez's news by a report saying he would not come out of retirement (for now, of course).

When will this stop? I don't have any indication of this off-the-field drama from the likes of these two stopping anytime soon. There's no question that Favre's going to get 'the itch' to come back in July, just like last year. And the Minnesota Vikings, like the New York Jets a year ago, are going to cater to his needs and that will be that. As for Ramirez? I'm sure we'll get a soap opera update every week or so, over the course of the seven weeks he has to sit out. I'm tired of hearing about these two and I'm sure everyone else is as well. Please just go away and let sports be what they were intended to be, without all of this drama.

That being said, congratulations to Luis on graduating The Southern Illinois University. Hopefully the Blackhawks can even this series up tonight and I'll post my reactions to Game 4 following the conclusion of our ballgame. It's great to be back.