Say it's a sham Man-Ram

Seriously, what the hell was Manny Ramirez thinking?

I'm not even mad, I'm impressed actually.

Impressed? Yes, impressed that he actually thought he could get away with what he was doing.

I'm just shocked that he knew he was going to be taking a drug test and he took the drugs anyway. It's so crazy stupid it's amazing.

And this wasn't a story that got leaked out from six years ago either. He tested positive this season.

It's so dumb that it's almost as if Manny is trying to play us for fools. Maybe it's all part of some elaborate sham to irritate people and take a few months off from baseball so he can enjoy the So-Cal summer.

Consider it a really expensive vacation.

That's the only way it would make sense. There's absolutely no excuse for what he was taking either. If there was, he'd probably protest the suspension but he's taking it on the chin.

Now if he only fessed up and said he was wrong it'd all make sense. A-Rod, for example, felt like a loser without mammoth arms. Fine, I get it.

But Manny? Why? And perhaps most importantly, did you think you could actually get away with it?