The Double Standard

Cavaliers vs. Magic
King James didn't look so royal walking off the court following Cleveland's game six loss to the Magic in the Eastern Conference Finals.

It's one thing to be upset about losing, but you don't walk off the court without shaking the other team's hand or congratulating them.

It was inexcusable when the "bad boy" Pistons did it after losing to Michael Jordan's dominate Bulls team, and there was actual bad blood between those two team.

This was just LeBron pouting after not living up to the expectations of leading his team to the NBA Finals.

Now I understand James does need more help to win that ring, and at 24-years-old, he has plenty of time to do that.

Mo Williams and Delonte West are very good players capable of helping a team win a championship, and Anderson Varejao could be a good energy guy off the bench, but Williams is not the Robin that James' Batman needs. He needs a bona fide scorer.

But to say James did what he did to send a message to management is just blasphemous. He did it because, for the first time in his career, he didn't live up to expectations and he couldn't handle it.

That's no excuse to not embrace the Magic, who were clearly the better team in the series.

If that had been Kobe Bryant walking off the court without embracing the other team, every single NBA analyst and Kobe hater that exists would rip him to shreds.

Bryant would be getting the "he's the most selfish player in this league and he's just a crybaby" treatment.

But James does it and he's just "upset" that the Cavs lost? Please.

LeBron, you're 24-years-old now. It's time to act like it.