Thanks To The Big Dead Sidebar

Finally, the one a good chunk of folks have been waiting for.

  • Thanks to Matt Hartwig for his work on this site and for going into this with me. We'll make it really big one day.
  • Thanks to the entire staff for their contributions in year one of this wonderful site: BFeldt (Brian Feldt), SalukiOrphan (Stile T. Smith), Jon I., Jeff Engelhardt, Johnny Sole and Mike Carter.
  • Thanks to the readers, whoever you are. Feel free to comment, send tips, tell your friends and PLEASE CLICK ON ADVERTISEMENTS!!!!!
  • Thanks to the DE photogs for letting me use their stuff (Stephen Rickerl, Sean McGahan, Edyta B, Anthony ... all you good folks!)
And finally, a big, warm thank you to Ms. Allison Petty and Ms. Diana Soliwon.

See, there was a little bit of a hub-ub made about TBDS one day in a meeting because the EIC and Managing Editor thought that I wasn't putting the type of effort in the DE Blog that I was here at this blog. And when I found out TBDS was brought up in an Editorial Board meeting -- I'll be honest -- I was scared to the dickens. I feared my job, my life (jokingly) and for my blog.

Well, my defense was that they were two separate, distinguished voices. The Gus Bode Blog was more informational on Saluki Sports while TBDS was all about the outside world with Saluki sprinklings. And after a few heart-to-hearts with the powers that be, TBDS was good-to-go as I started a new era in blogging.

I started the DE Sports Blog, not to mention The Sports Huddle and Sports Lounge web shows. That's gotta count for something, right?

Thanks Diana and Allison for not turning me into Christmas Ape.

Can we all just get along now?