Report: Manny Ain't Gonna Be Manny For The Next 50 Games

MLB: APR 19 Rockies at Dodgers

According to the Los Angeles Times, Dodgers slugger Manny Ramirez will be treated to a 50-game suspension, which starts immediately, after reportedly testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. And while people will focus on the void Ramirez will leave in the Dodgers' line-up, it's time to talk about the grand scheme of things.

If you work for the Dodgers' marketing or public relations department, you're gonna start earning your paycheck as your new job is to spin a positive PED test for the team's most popular and marketable player. There is no doubt Ramirez is the face of the Dodgers ... and now that face has a black eye.

Then, if you're Major League Baseball, is this a good day or a bad day for your sport. "The System" is finally working, as "The System" has finally netted a big fish during the guts of the season. On the other hand, there goes one of baseball's most recognizable faces taking the walk of shame. Bud Selig must be utterly confused.

Through a source, The L.A. Times reports Ramirez will likely "attribute the test results to medication received from a doctor for a personal medical issue." This was confirmed by Ramirez's agent Scott Boras via ESPN's Peter Gammons.

For Manny's sake, here's hoping it's not Dr. Yuri Sucart.

Now, from this point forward will whatever Jose Canseco says be treated as gospel?