Site News

Some new stuff added to the program today by yours truly.

First off, you'll find some newer more relevant ads to click on. We'd like to thank our sponsors and readers for helping this site continue to grow.

Also, you may notice on the right hand side we have a search engine. I added that today and if you use it, you can search through our archives for past stories or if you have a man crush on Gavin Floyd you can see every story he was ever mentioned in on this site.

The search engine will open a new tab on your browser. Please let me know if anything is funky about it.

Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have a poll question (weekly) set up as well as an external link for relevant videos and links not normally found on this lovely website.

You may also have noticed that we have been the featured blog on the Chicago Sun-Times website that accompanies Chicago Blackhawks playoff coverage. Not sure why they picked up on us but I hope it continues.

The posting may be slower than usual this week as people return home from graduation or school in general. My alma mater was walloped by a tornado last week so that killed a lot of the posts from the people who still live there.