TBDS Presents: The News Minute

So it's 12:27 a.m. in the beautiful city of Chicago where I am currently stuck because of vehicular issues. I'm using my parents run-down computer that constantly boots me off Internet Explorer (sorry, my folks don't believe in Firefox) and makes the spacing in posts look goofy. Nevertheless, I came up with a new concept/segment: The News Minute.

The News Minute will be a lot like the stuff you'll find in the Daily Dosage's Quality Linkage segment. Basically, I'm looking for blogs, sites and stories that might go overlooked.

The Minute will be used when I can't do the Dosage.

So without further to do, here's your first installment of The News Minute.

Jenn The Jet

On the field, the New York Jets brought in a future Hall of Fame quarterback to cap an off-season that saw NYJ spend more than $100 million to improve one of the AFC's weakest teams. Off of it, they're looking to add a little more firepower, too.

Enter stage left, Jenn Sterger who joins the Jets staff as resident eye candy. She'll be doing interviews with celebs, a "Keys to the Game" segment and will have some stuff to do during the halftime show...among other things.

And to think, no one would know Sterger exisited had it not been for the Sept. 15 2005 Florida State game where ABC's Brent Musberger drooled on his mic and said:

“Fifteen hundred red-blooded Americans just decided to apply to Florida State.”

Here's hoping pretty girls don't take all the good sports media jobs.

Craig Sager Has Questionable Fashion Taste, But Good Taste In Women

DC Sports Blog caught up with Sager, who is best known for the pretty outlandish outfits he sports on the sidelines working for TNT.

Interview highlights:
  • He has a fetish for blondes.
  • He married a Chicago Bulls Luv-a-Bull (lucky guy!!!)

From The Did You Know? Department

Did you know that the critically acclaimed sports journalism Web site Fire Joe Morgan is inaccessible in China?

For those of you that don't know, FJM is run by a bunch of talented TV writers who also happen to be major baseball fans and stat heads. Like, extreme stat heads. Which is cool. It's why I like them.

And when they got wind of what was going on, I loved their response:

I find this to be excellent.

What's the matter, China? Can't handle EqA? Big fans of bunting over there? Love Livan Hernandez, hate Johan Santana?

We will not stop blogging until every Chinese citizen has the right to read curse-filled nonsense about Dusty Baker. And that is a kind-of promise!

Cubs And Cards Fans Find Something To Agree On

I finally found something Cubs and Cardinal fans can agree upon. And of course there's a story behind it.

My former roommate (a Cards fan) and I went to a Wrigleyville watering hole after the Cubs 6-2 victory Sunday night for a few post-game brews. While at said watering hole, the Olympics took the main screen for that big medley relay swim.

Needless to say, I was three sheets to the wind cheering on the USA in its come-from-behind win...and when they won it, Cubs and Cards fans rejoiced as one. Slapping hands, raising glasses and singing the National Anthem, Cubdom and Cardinal Nation came together as one.

Sound too cheesy? Well, it is. I just thought it was a cool story to share with the good folks who read this site.

And since this computer is still not letting me post YouTube videos, click here for the best Olympic commercial I've seen.

P.S. I'm still operating without photos. Hopefully that will change soon!