Under Re-Construction

A new day for TBDS is a-comin'. New writers, posts and an expanded list of topics are among changes.

Yes, being assistant sports editor at the Daily Eygptian will be a challenge, but it comes with the territory. So if you're worried that I won't be here, don't be. This is like my baby...if my baby was to consist of sports blogging, of course.

Other examples of change:
  • We're dipping into the collegiate athletics pool.
  • I'm personally adding a segment I will tentatively call "Stat Tracker" where I'll focus on the numbers aspect of the game.
  • I'll be doing a blog over at the DE tentatively called Media Watchdawg, so you should watch out for that. It's kinda like what I do here when I call out columnists or ESPN people, but likely with less cussing.
So keep your eye to the sky and your ears to the street. The Big Dead Sidebar is moving on up!