How we're gonna roll

I hope you liked the first Daily Dosage of this semester...heck, I know you did. So I've created a little bit of a posting schedule that I hope to keep together this semester.

In summary: the Daily Dosage will be seen Monday thru Friday at or around 9 a.m. followed by feature-ish posts around noon, three and six.

Well, that's what I'd like to do. I'd also like to stumble upon Pacman Jones' trash bag of 81,000 dollar bills on my way home after school. Maybe it's just me.

Also, I've successfully recruited Jeff Engelhardt to be our new basketball writer. The kid's a dynamo whose knowledge of the college and pro games is outstanding. Also returning to the staff is Hartwig, to balance out my Cub-centric blogging. I'm also looking to add one or two more writers.

The more the merrier.

Enjoy the new edition of The Big Dead Sidebar. Thanks for your readership!