'It's where receivers go to die'

The Moose is loose and verbally insulting the Chicago Bears' offensive scheme.

Muhsin Muhammad, the popular ex-Bear best known for ending the Kyle Orton experience in 2005, is speaking out against Ron Turner's offensive system (and I mean offensive in both meanings of the word.)

"It's where receivers go to die."

Moose has a point, for in his three years as the Bears top target, he averaged only 54 receptions and 4 TDs. A drastic downfall compared to the 93 grabs and 16 touchdowns he secured in his last season with the Carolina Panthers.

But wait, there's more.

"In the time Brett Favre has started for the Packers -- what's it been, 16 years?
-- I bet the Bears have had 16 different starting quarterbacks. You've got to
find the right guy and stick with him."

So where was this last year? Or the year before?

One of the reasons Moose is no longer with the Monsters of the Midway is because his hands turned to stone in 2007, so it's good to see that Moose's feet still work, because he's kicking the Bears while their down.

As for the offense, it's bad and not getting any better soon.

The Bears say they have two quarterbacks. That means they have none. Their offensive line (outside of Olin Kreutz) is just that, offensive. And they'll be relying heavily on a rookie at tailback and a guy who might as well be a rookie as their new No. 1 target.

Today's Bear-naked prediction: 5-11.

Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback