The ever-changing face of TBDS

[Ed. Note: This was written before I wrote the Jay Mariotti blog, therefore, because it's 2:45 a.m. as I write this, and I have a previous commitment to the SIU women's tennis team at conflicting hours, there will not be a Daily Dosage. Check out TBDS in the afternoon for TBDS: Late Night]

The Big Dead Sidebar is embarking on a new era as I continue to improve this blog's quality through my recruiting efforts.

Coming soon to TBDS....a St. Louis Cardinals writer?

That's right, a Cards fan!

Chicago baseball is already well represented by a guy who knows the Cubs (myself) and the White Sox (Hartwig) but I needed someone to cover the team I once pegged as the Evil Empire of the Midwest.

Enter stage left the newest member of the Daily Egyptian, Stile Smith, a Centralia, Ill., native who also happens to be an Orphan (that was their team's name).

I'll let him introduce himself when the time comes.

Also coming soon will be an SIU football blogger (not myself) but is a former sports editor over at the DE. I'm also in the process of recruiting a hockey blogger.

The empire is expanding on a daily basis. Here's hoping we don't fall like Napoleon's France.

Thank you for your continued support of the best sports writers you haven't heard of, yet.