While The Cubs Continue Their Collapse, Matt Holliday Thinks He Just Might Stay Awhile

Matt Holliday could become a permanent fixture behind Albert Pujols. No homo(?)

I'm not sure why anyone would want to stay in St. Louis for an extended amount of time.  The city itself is really nothing to write home about after you get outside of the Arch, the riverboat and the sport complexes.  Unless, of course, you're writing home in search of an escape route.

But here's Matt Holliday in St. Louis, turning into the MVP candidate Billy Beane thought he'd be in Oakland.

Since becoming Albert Pujols' muscle man (pause), Holliday has been nothing short of spectacular.  He's posted a .386/.448/.667/1.114 line across the board.  Those are classic Holliday-in-Colorado numbers.  So, I guess there's no surprise that No. 15 wants to return to bat behind No. 5.

Via St. Louis radio station The Team:

"That would be really exciting for me to get a chance to be here and play next to Albert (Pujols) along with the rest of these guys and to do some special things over the next however many years. Hopefully this will be a long-term relationship."

Remember when Jim Hendry said he didn't need to make a counter move.  He was wrong.  I knew it then.  And hopefully, he knows it now.

If Hendry doesn't re-tool this mess, I won't be alone in bypassing the 2010 Cubs.

And if all else fails, at least this true Chicagoan can take solace that his city has a professional basketball team and a downtown area it can be proud of.