When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Blogosphere Edition

One of the best things about sports blogging is that anyone can do it. One of the knocks on sports blogging is that because anyone can do it, there are those who do it without insight or know-how and then come across as know-it-alls.

So what happens when someone from the inside blogs? Censorship, of course.

Colorado University senior cornerback Ben Burney dipped his toe into the blogosphere Thursday with an entry titled "The Sad Goodbye" which promised to present readers with an inside look at the life of a college football player. Apparently, part of the look was a lil' bit too inside for the powers that be.

Part of it had to do with a meal that destroyed toilets, preseason speeches and (set your phasers to "stunned") encounters with the "girl of the night."

Bruney's defense? He's just trying to keep it real.

"I was just trying to portray how it is. I wasn't trying to be risqué or anything like that. I was just trying to make it realistic. I guess it was too realistic."

Haven't the folks over at CU ever heard of the term road beef or come across sites like Deadspin or With Leather?

If this is breaking news to anyone that has been on a college campus, then I would run a brief background check to make sure that they did, in fact, attend college.

And taking Burney's lead of being real, allow me to be "real" with you, my respected readers. The "girl of the night" scenario on campus isn't limited to athletes. Surprise! Heck, a night that starts with a cheesy pick-up line, includes a smattering flirtatious battering of the eyelids, busting a few moves on the dance floor and a little bit of liquid courage could land you a special someone.

If only for one night.

It's almost disappointing to see Burney get censored, so here's my pitch.

Ben Burney, if you want to blog about what's going on in your life, I would like to extend to you an invitation to The Big Dead Sidebar. You want to blog about special lady friends, be my guest. Dinner food got you in the dumps? Have at it on this forum. Want to go the Vince Young route and enshrine yourself in football's Hall of Fame, come on down.

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