Okay, Kane and the Blackhawks... Now I am Embarrassed

Detroit Red Wings v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Four

Patrick Kane was reportedly arrested early Sunday morning in Buffalo, NY on charges of theft of services, criminal mischief and robbery in the second degree. Kane and his cousin were taken into police custody at about 5 a.m ET after an incident with a cab driver, according to reports. Reports also say he acted this way after the driver did not have 20 cents change to give him.

This has definitely been a wild offseason for the Chicago Blackhawks. There have been demotions in the front office, a president getting booed at his own convention, and a prized free-agent acquisition that will be out for a few months with injury.

If all is true with this report of Patrick Kane getting arrested on theft charges, then I am embarrassed. The Chicago Blackhawks should be embarrassed. The NHL should be embarrassed. I have laughed off every other story, but this is no laughing matter.

The Blackhawks feature some of the top, new faces in the NHL that have started to bring the league some more popularity. Patrick Kane is one of the faces of the franchise, and along with names like Crosby, Malkin, and Ovechkin, he is also one of the faces of the league.

He has been known to be a mature 20-year-old athlete, but just as it is with many athletes these days, it is hard to get by without some issue surrounding the people you root for every day.

You can laugh off a front-office demotion or an injury to a free-agent signed for the next decade. There is no laughing off this, if it is true.