Is ESPN Killing The Sports Page?

ESPN is killing off the local sports page.  There, I said it.  Someone had to say it.

When ESPN launched its Chicago site in the spring, it was met with mixed emotions.  It starts with good intentions as the site features a bunch of Chicago content that I wouldn't usually be able to catch on SportsCenter.  On the other hand, the launch just up-and-stole the all-important readers and the one thing that is apparently more important than readers: Ad revenue.

So, while newspaper honchos spent all that energy fighting bloggers and trying to figure out how non-newspaper people are running the newspaper industry, ESPN comes through the back door, takes what it wants and makes you like it.

The World Wide Leader in sports will be launching in September, along with hyperlocal sites in Dallas, Los Angeles and New York in the coming future.

Which, of course begs the following question.

Don't we have ESPNBostodallangelyork already in the form of good ol' ESPN?

It won't be long until ESPN is pillaging your village and taking your women swaggerjackin' your favorite writers from your local paper.