Whatever happened to Mitch Mustain?

Almost any serious college football fan recognizes the name Mitch Mustain. But whatever happened to him?

Mustain, buried under Aaron Corp and Matt Barkley on the Southern California QB depth chart, is a former high school All-American who take a road less traveled to Los Angeles.

He started at Arkansas, where he elected to stay in-state for college. He followed his high school football coach there under the circumstances that said coach would call the plays and Mustain would take the reins right away.

Former-Razorbacks coach Houston Nutt would have none of this. Mustain's coach, Gus Malzahn, was never given full control of the offense and Mustain was benched after an 8-0 start.

Needless to say, everything went to hell.

After the undefeated start the Razorbacks lost their final three games and Malzahn, Mustain and a host of other recruits were gone. Nutt would soon follow everyone out the door.

Malzahn made a pitstop at Tulsa before taking over the offensive coordinator job at Auburn while Mustain sat out a year to become the heir apparent to Mark Sanchez.


Currently, Mustain finds himself third on the USC depth chart behind two underclassmen in Matt Barkley and Aaron Corp. Mustain is essentially buried alive for the remainder of his college career there unless two catostrophic injuries occur soon.

Corp is actually hurt but Matt Barkley, a freshman, has been taking the majority of the snaps.

Things don't look good for the former-five-star prospect.

Why hasn't he transferred yet is the real question. Is a FCS school on the horizon?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone really remember everything surrounding this story? Verbal commitments to Arkansas, backing out, and then signing? Mustain's Mother? Living in the shadow of Darren McFadden? Mustain wanted to be the biggest and the best. He sold out. This story should serve as an example for young athletes all over the country. If the ultimate goal is to someday be a professsional athlete... sometimes, a little humility goes a long way. Arkansas wasn't good enough for Mitch Mustain. And Mitch Mustain isn't good enough for USC.