Milton Bradley: Game Over

Milton Bradley's career as a Chicago Cub was doomed from the get-go.

Disaster lurked around every corner as Bradley never could live up to the lofty expectations Jim Hendry set forth for him.  Whether it was his ill-fated choice of the No. 21, the strikeout in his first AB in front of the home folks, the tirade on the South Side or any of the dozen or so other events that encapsulated Bradley's first -- and probably only -- season as a Cub.

Bradleygate erupted with his Daily Herald interview, then overflowed with the announcement that he had left the team after being suspended.  Suspending Bradley might have been Hendry's best decision all year.  The only way he could have done it better would have been had he put him on the disabled list to end the season, thus activating the buyout clause after year two.  It doesn't matter though, Bradley won't even see year two in a Cubs uniform.

And if you thought trading Crazy Uncle Milton was going to be hard before, trying to deal him now will be harder than an advanced calculus final exam.  If he has been bothered by the Chicago media, there is no way he would survive in New York, Boston or Philadelphia.  He already wore out his welcome in Los Angeles with the Dodgers.  That should eliminate all the big market teams, and his salary would be too much for a small market team to take on.

Oakland might take him back.  So might Texas.  Any way the Cubs could send him to the White Sox to see who will win a battle of nutjobs between he and Ozzie Guillen?  In any case, the Cubs are going to have to eat salary.

If anything, the Cubs should just cut ties with Bradley.  If I were Tom Ricketts, I'd foot the bill to Sam Zell.  He's known for reviving failed projects.

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